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Popularly known as Nagarkot Dham or Kot Kangra, the temple dedicated to goddess Vajreshwari Devi was once the most renowned shrines of Northern India. It is a famous Shaktipeeth where the left breast of Pauranik Sati Parvati is stated to have fallen. The Devi is worshipped in the form of Pindi. A legend avers that the body of demon king Jalandhara is buried at this place. According to another legend, the Goddess Vajreshwari received injuries while killing the demon Mahishasur which were cured by applying butter. The tradition is still celebrated on Makar Sakranti every year.

Though the main temple was ravaged by foreign invaders and completely destroyed by the 1905 earthquake, it has been restored to its pristine glory. It was rebuilt by the Temple Restoration Committee in the existing form in 1930. The three domes of this temple depict the architecture of religions places of Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs which is quite rare.
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