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This treasure trove of the Kangra valleys arts, crafts and rich past, display artifacts that date back to the 5th Century. It includes a gallery of famous paintings and a representative collection of sculptures, pottery and anthropological items. Shamiyanas and local dresses used by local royalty, old carved doors, jail and pndals are also on display. Coins jewellery and manuscripts are included. A section houses the works of conteporary artists, sculptures and photographers.

Set amidst beautiful surroundings, this memorial was built in 1972, near the entry point to Dharamshala in Civil Lines. The war memorial was built to commemorate the memory of soldiers and officiers of Kangra district who fought valiantly for the defence of Motherland in INDO-CHINA(1962) and INDO-PAK wars(1947-48,1965 & 1971) and during some peace operations under United Nations Auspicies.

Features of the memorial are its three curved walls in black marble each 20 feet long and 24 feet high bearing the names of 1042 martyrs on five of its faces with a mural on the sixth. Rising from a circular shallow pool having a central bowl and 21 water jets, these walls signify the three wings of the "Armed Forces". Their curved shape indicates the continuity and onward movement of human and national life. On selected evenings in a week, the monument is flood lit and the fountains burst forth in full splendor.

Outside the gate of the memorial are a disused Pattan Tank captured in 1971, INDO-PAK war and a Gnat, a light jet aeroplane, successfully used by the Indian Air Force in the same war. The entire area looks like a fairyland.

The Mural symbolizes the flame of National Freedom. A stout arm is holding the flame aloft, showing how our heroes are making determined efforts to keep it ever high and ever burning and in doing so they are achieving martyrdom. The garlands and medals around them represent Nation's gratitude to them. In nutshell, the mural depicts how the martyrs are upholding the freedom of their Motherland by sacrificing their lives so that their countrymen may be able to live freely.