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From the very beginning man has always had the true desire to get united with all the pervading powers of the divine. Blessed with all the powers of the divine man has always tried different ways to get attached with god almighty but with the passage of time the word yoga lost its literal meaning and was changed by various individuals as per their convenience. Yoga as the word means in Hindi is the union or sum of two things. The union of the spirit with the all pervading power of divine by the awakening of the inner power "Kundalini", which is settled in the sacrum bone of every human being. The awakening of the power of "Kundalini" provides us with the subtle energy within ourselves and man overcomes all the troubles and miseries of life and enjoys the real joy of spirit and always remains under the protection and care of God almighty. The Sahaj Temple is located at Naddi and is a one of a kind temple in the whole world. This Temple is dedicated to Her Holiness Shri Mataji & Shri Nirmala Devi.
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