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i.Once you reach the main gate of Temple, buy Parshad(Food blessed by God ) from any shop around the way, you can also bring your own offerings from home. In general Pan,Supari,Dhawaza,Narela,loung,elaichi are accepted as Parshad according to Holy Shastras.

ii. Before crossing the main gate of the Temple, you have to put off your shoes and wash your hands.

iii. When you enter the Temple you will find the two lions in front of temple of MAA JAWALAJI, And there you can have the Darshan of MAA JAWLAJI.

iv. There are other places and temples of religious and historical significance in the periphery of the main temple. These can be enumerated as Gorakh Dibbi (The boiling water body ), A temple of Sidh-Naga-Arjuna (a disciple of Guru Gorakh Nath), Lal Shivalaya and Ambikeshwar temples dedicated to lord Shiva, Tedha mandir dedicated to Lord Rama ( This temple got its name due to its tilting in the earthquake of 1905), a Gyatri Devi Temple, a Bhairva Temple, Astbhuja Durga Temple , Ganesha temple and Tara Devi Temple.
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