Kangra valley is the most beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh with varying climate, flora and fauna. Dharamshala is one of the biggest towns as well as district headquarters of Kangra valley. It is, located at Latitude 320 15' 42" North and Longitude 760 22' 46" of the Himalayan ranges. The Himalayas, the highest mountain system in the world, run uninterruptedly for 2,500 km over 500,000 sq.km., spanning India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Kangra valley located in the Northern part of Himachal Pradesh under the shadow of mighty Dhauladhar range of mountains, Dharamshala town over looks the Kangra valley. Geographically, the Dhauladhar range seprates Kullu & Mandi Districts of the state at one end and Chamba and Kangra District at the other.

Viewed from Dhauladhar top, the hills below look like ripples on the surface of the sea. One sees an uninterrupted chain of mountains with Kangra Valley spread out at its base. For beauty or grandeur hardly few spots in the Himalayas can compete with this panoramic view. Seen from the Kangra town, the Dhauladhar rises abruptly from the valley reaching 4800 mts. above the sea level. This makes ascending and descending on both sides of the mountain range extremely tough and cumbersome. While the top of the Dhauladhar Mountain is barren, its flanks after a certain height, have many villages, inhabited by the Gaddis, who rear and trade in sheep, besides engaging themselves in farming.

"Eternal snows, lush green forests, singing streams, dancing birds, lovely lakes, verdant vales, emerald meadows, smiling glaciers and gay girls :- this is the picture of Kangra valley which sprawls in the North Western lap of the Himalayas"
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