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Kangra Art Museum
Martyr's Memorial
Kareri Lake
Dal Lake
Mcleod Ganj
Bhagsu Water Fall
St. John's Church
Kangra Fort
Nurpur Fort
Pong Dam
Bir / Billing
Gopalpur Zoo
Andreta Art Gallery
Tea Gardens
Manuni Lake

Well known Indian portrait painter late Sardar Sobha Singh's art gallery still draws visitors each day. Punjabi playwright Mrs. Norah Richard also lived and died here. The Punjabi University holds an annual competition in Andretta in honour of Norah Richard in which plays are staged in the open. many living artists have made this village their home due to its scenic location, and quietness, as it is far away from noisy roads.

Tea in Kangra valley was introduced in 1854. When "Holta" tea estate was set i[ (4200 ft above the MSL). After the devastating earthquake of 1905 annihilating both man and plantation, the tea prodoction lost its paramount position, however, the scene has changed with the setting up of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Palampur Complex where scientists are striving to produce tea Production of the one popular Kangra Tea through the scientific methods, using tissue culture techniques, producing numerous"Somatic embryo's encapulated into a gelatine like substance,sodium alginate to form a bead like structure called an artifical or synthetic seed. And hence the production has shown a tremendous increase. From 84 kg of green tea leaves per hectare to 200 kgs of green leaves per hectaare. A new concept, the "orgnic tea farming". green tea without using any chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers has come into operation to explore the much needed export potentiality.

in th e tea gardens, the chemical control of grass weeds is quiet necessary, particularly during the early years of establisment, aafter which the bushes attain a good spread and dense canopy, which supresses the weed growth ina natural way. Out of the various grass weeds in the estates in the Kangra valley the that is found in abundance.

The entire tea production of Himachal pradesh is produced in kangra especially in the Palampur valley. It was docotor william jameson who had itroduced the chinese green tea, had brought the seeds from the kumaon hills,to nagrota and Bhawarna hills first. After testing and trying period of more than 75 years, the four co operative tea factories at Palampur , Bir, Sidhbari and Baijnath encouraged the disillusioned planters to produce quality tea and it is fetching good price now.

8 km away from Dharamshala, Aghanjar Mahadev Temple and 5 km trek to Natural and God gifted lake named as Manuni Lake.