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i) An Ayurvedic dispensary is also being run in the temple complex to provide immediate medical aid to the pilgrims and locals.

ii) Temple Trust has its own rich library with a rare stock of old manuscripts, books on astrology, Hindu philosophy, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Sanskrit literature, history and religion. A book-sale counter has also been set up to provide religious books at cheaper rates.

iii) A Sanskrit college is being run by the temple trust. Special education in Karam Kand is imparted to the students in order to preserve and propagate great traditions of Vedas and Puranas. The education is free and students are also served free food both the times. Free Hostel facilities have also been provided.

On Going Development Projects

i) A by-pass is being constructed which will reach Langar Bhawan from the Baroi bus stand. This will eliminate the traffic pressure on the Chamunda bus stand.

ii) A Suvidha Complex is being constructed at a distance of about Km form the main temple. There will be 20 Sulabh Toilets, 10 bathrooms, 10 urinals for men and women. In addition to this, there will be 25 cloakrooms and two public call offices in this complex. A bus stand and multipurpose complex is proposed at this site.

iii) A new building for Sanskrit college & Hostel has also been planned. There is a proposal to gold plating the existing outer surface of tomb of the temple to give it a glittering look.

iv) The lake complex has been renovated and beautified.

v) A new toilet clock is under construction near the temple complex.

vi) The outer walls of the main temple are also being silver coated.

vii) A canteen is being constructed for the sale of Prasad at cheaper rates.

viii) High mast lights are being installed shorlty in the complex.

ix) Work is being executed for the installation of CTV Cameras and large extension screen in the temple complex and also at sensitive places. The pilgrims will be able to have view on the activities going on in the temple. The system will be linked with the office of the Commissioner (Temples) and Asstt. Commissioner (Temples).

x) ATM facilities with the State Bank Of India are being provided shortly enabling the devotees for making online donations.

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